February 2, 2011

Vurbia Technologies




Cloud Computing, Infrastructure as a Service


Vurbia's vision is to be recognized as a leading global provider and the Latin-American referent for cloud computing services by making infrastructure and value added services dead simple and transparent.

Consequently, we will allow organizations of all sizes forget about infrastructure and focus on their core business resulting to a leveling of the playing field and a better Internet.

Vurbia Technologies is the premier IaaS provider in Latin America. We deliver innovative, simple, integrated infrastructure and value-added services that contemplate the full spectrum of our customers' needs.

Universal and transparent auto-scaling, automatic re-configuration and collective intelligence are the pillars of our world class IaaS service.

IaaS consists in getting physical servers and develop a software layer known as virtualization, which allows to abstract the physical hardware from the Operative System and the application running on them.

This way infrastructure can be scaled and unscaled in minutes making your infrastructure fit your computing capacity needs at all times and paying for what you use by the hour.

In consequence, our customers turn fixed capital expenses into variable operative expenses, enjoying unprecedented flexibility and economic convenience.

Computing capacity consumed is measured by the amount of processors, RAM memory, storage and IP addresses used by the hour plus the transference in GB and the optional backup services.

This way any customer can get his website / application up and running for less than 10 cents of a dollar the hour.


CEO: Colleen M. Beckett

CMO/CSO: Juan C. Lehmann

CTO: Athanasios I. Kouroussi


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