February 2, 2011



Software Development


Treebel is a Semantic Blogging Platform that innovates in the way Internet users share, search and use information.

Treebel’s market is composed by the entire Blogosphere. There are currently over 200 million blogs, 184 million bloggers and1 billion frequently readers which represents 50% of all Internet users.

Treebel is the next step in blogging evolution; it solves the problems for each blogging actor:

  • Easier for Bloggers: Treebel focuses on multimedia one-click posting, but unlike otheplatforms, allows bloggers to choose among many types of posts or create their own. Such important is the“type of post” concept in Treebel that we named it snippet. Once the snippet is created or chosen, bloggers can use it every time they want to post. Moreover, they can have different snippets for each topic they post about (movies, events, news, a tweet, anything!) and their blog will remain organized the way they prefer.

  • Better for Readers: When creating a snippet or choosing one, bloggers are structuring the data they post and giving meaning to it. This allows Treebel to offer readers a quick and effective way to search for a topic in one blog (vertical search) or among several blogs (horizontal search). Additionally, readers can filter the search according to the information they need; for example, they can filter movie review posts that match “horror movies released between 1984 and 1990”.

  • Powerful API for Developers: Developers will also benefit from how snippet structure the information posted. They can have access to it by Treebel’s API in order to develop new and disruptive apps. For instance, they can use the “traffic” snippet to create an application that shows all traffic jams in a map!

Although Treebel technology could be imitated, current players on the market will be unable to incorporate all Treebel’s advantages without losing their essence. On the other hand, new competitors will not count on the first movers’ advantage as we do.


CTO: Daniel Martín Fernandez

CMO: Franco D’Benedett


Daniel Fernandez fernandez.daniel@gmail.com

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