February 2, 2011



Technology, Web 2.0


vFound is a technology company focused on developing software solutions to increase online website visibility (Search Engines, Social Networks) for its customers.

The VFOptimizer is the first real-time SEO Optimization Engine available in the marketplace (released in 2010), is the first SaaS module produced by the company.

Our mission is to provide state-of-the-art online marketing software that covers the latest internet trends and support core marketing activities to increase website reach, visibility and profit by turning prospects into sales.

vFound’s core business is understanding technical and business patterns in the market and building software packages to help companies and individuals increase online visibility and exposure.

We have developed a vFound proprietary algorithm that provides insight into online competitiveness for any website. Based on this algorithm, we created the VFO and will be releasing additional niche software products throughout 2011.

Future plans include the creation of niche algorithms to optimize daily work and presence in social networks, including Twitter and Facebook, by combining each into one integrated solution.

The VFOptimizer is a SaaS solution (cloud computing) that helps any web page rank within the first results of major search engines in just 3-simple steps and in just a matter of minutes.


CEO: Alejandro Sewrjugin

CTO: Luis Siquot Ferré

Director, Social Media, PPC & SEO Technology: Margaux Caffa

Director, Operations: Silvio Pini

Director, Sales & Administration: Osvaldo Cataldi


Alejandro Sewrjugin alejandro@vfound.com.ar

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