April 12, 2012

WavePlay's Financing Secret Sauce: Funding

WavePlay, a San Francisco Bay/Silicon Valley promotional agency, introduces "Funding Your Startup," the first of a knowledge-sharing video series, Financing Secret Sauce. It features the advice and ideas of nine Silicon Valley/San Francisco Bay Area venture capitalists on startup success. The series helps founders learn how to think like a VC to secure an audience, increase their chances of funding, and to position themselves for business success.

The venture capitalists sharing knowledge in the Financing Secret Sauce series include Stephen Bernardez of Onset Ventures, Peter Craddock of Shoreline Venture Management, Noah Doyle of Javelin Venture Partners, Arif Janmohamed of Lightspeed Venture Partners, Bill Reichert of Garage Technology Ventures, Dave Samuel of Freestyle Capital, Jon Soberg of Blumberg Capital, Dafina Toncheva of Tugboat Ventures and Ron Weissman, a Silicon Valley venture capitalist and angel.

WavePlay produces knowledge-sharing videos, events, and features, connecting founders with venture capitalists, angels and the investment community. Their services include strategy, branding, videos, promotions, social media, events and public relations.

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