February 2, 2011

Mindset Studio

Social Gaming, Advergaming, Social Apps.


Mindset seeks to connect people around the world through engaging apps & games with a social component, designed for advertising and entertainment.

Both industries are going through a transition as a result of the arise of new media such as social networks, smartphones and tablets. As a result, consumer habits have changed and brands need to adapt to this new era.

Company strategy:

Current term: create social games & apps for brands, publishers and media companies. Position the company . Acquire know-how.

Medium term: continue to work for other companies, and as a proof of concept launch the first social games in social networks such as Facebook, Orkut, MySpace or other platforms that may arise.

Long term: stop working for brands and continue to grow a proprietary portfolio of social games & apps. Build an increasing user base and start generating revenues by means of virtual goods and upgrades. This revenues will be destined to the generation of new products for our porfolio.

It’s worth to notice that the company has it’s own Research & Development team capable of delivering innovation, pushing the barriers of what is possible and surprising the end consumer.


COO & CTO: Hernan Liendo
CEO: Franco Breciano
Studio Manager: Matias Baldin


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