February 2, 2011





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Keepcon’s goal is to provide comprehensive moderation services, based on the automation of the content moderation process for web sites 2.0. We focus on a global market integrated by all the websites that allow the general public to openly publish multimedia content, such as comments, blogs, images, video, audio, or any mix of these elements.

Our company specializes on the moderation of contents, using a Business Process Outsourcing model established upon state of the art technology.

Since 2008, Keepcon provides companies with a cost-effective software solution to moderate the UGC on their websites. With Keepcon’s proprietary technology, companies that once employed teams of 25+ to censor content can now outsource all moderation services for a fraction of the cost.

With total UGC on the internet expected to grow by over 500% over the next four years, Keepcon represents a timely business in a nascent market.

Keepcon offers three primary services:

1) automatic content moderation

(2) platform licensing for external manual moderation

(3) outsourcing of manual content moderation, the last of which is ideal for clients with limited human resources.

Keepcon’s clients benefit by not having to invest the time and money needed to develop a content moderation platform or hire a moderation team (in the case of outsourcing).

Clients also benefit from Keepcon’s quality assurance mechanisms and gain valuable insights regarding traffic and content generation. On a day-to-day basis, clients can focus on their core business and have confidence in Keepcon’s 24/7 support and multilingual team (Spanish, English, Italian, Portuguese, and French).


CEO: Matias Rozenfarb

CTO: Adrián Lisenberg

COO: Julio Guzman

Head of R+D: Dan Rozenfarb


Matías Rozenfarb matias@keepcon.com

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