February 2, 2011

Binaria Group



Internet, Technologies


TARANTULA’s mission is to revolutionize the market research industry by democratizing and empowering the understanding of how audiences born and evolve over time.

TARANTULA technologies are designed to retrieve and collect publicly available information from the social networking sites and to creatively process it through data and graph mining proprietary technologies in order to identify and categorize audiences and track its temporal evolution.

TARANTULA targets the 500+ million people that regularly use social networks. Our focus is on Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter. Our product is TARANTULA Insights, the Google Insights for audiences.

By using TARANTULA Insights you will be able to answer in seconds questions like “How did the Golfers Audience change in the last year”, or “What is the difference between the mean tenure time of C-Level executives in NY vs. LA”.


CEO: Matías Travizano

CTO: Martín Minnon

CONTACT Matias Travizano mat@binariagroup.com

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