February 2, 2011




Web based aplications for small businesses


Empreware is a developer of web based small business applications with focus in LATAM. We have developed Empreware Business Plan, a software that has been used by more than 7000 individuals in LATAM.

We’re planning to develop a new online application to help small business owners to keep track of their finances. The business model would be a monthly payment of USD 25,00.

We beleive that the software as a service businss is growing very fast in LATAM, and that we have the opportunity to establish as the #1 app in small businesses financial management, such as Intuit (www.intuit.com) did in USA with Quickbooks.

Our team has experience in designing, programming and selling software applications in the internet, as we demonstrated with our business planning software.

Our vision is to build a portfolio of online applications for small businesses, reaching clients in LATAM, USA and Europe. By achieving this we could be acquired by big internet and/or software companies looking to improve their product portfolio and their presence in LATAM.


CEO: Agustín Badano

COO: Fernando Aguila


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