February 2, 2011




Social Marketing, Facebook Applications, e-Commerce


Nowadays the company is mainly focused on Social Apps development for external clients on a custom project bassis. Some of our clients are direct clients (such as Turner Television, Mercadolibre, FOX, etc.), Advertising/Interactive Agencies, and Startups (some of them from Silicon Valley actually, like Bump).

Since the first day our goal was to generate a profitable and cashflow positive business to be the ground of our future product development. In this product we are planning, we’ll be applying the knowledge we acquired by doing custom proyects for clients.

Our products will solve common marketing necessities we have seen in the market over this year of operations, with over 100 projects completed.

We want to make it easy for small companies and agencies to have access to Social Applications without having to pay for a custom development each time they need something.

The first products we’ll be launching are:

  • An e-commerce aplication that generates a catalogue on facebook with the information you have on your own site on your products.
  • A suite of applications focused on acquiring FANS or “LIKES” by using applications in an intelligent and easy going way.

We’ll charge something between USD 15 and USD 150.- on monthly fee basis to use this apps.


President & CEO: Javier Diez

General Director: Diego Lijavetzky

CFO: Gonzalo Berra

CTO: Federico Wel


Antón Chalbaud anton@altodot.com

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